Three Falls Is Closed

One of the first entries I put up on my blog was an entry called Waterfalls, Cliff Jumping, and Natural Waterslides, about a really special set of waterfalls called 3 falls. It has two waterfalls you can jump off of, a rope swing, and a thirty foot natural water slide.  When I first started writing here, I wanted to give the best of what I had to give and this was one of the most special places I grew up with as a kid, so I shared it. My brother told me, “Ryan please don’t share that place with people.  It’s a really cool place and I just don’t want the whole world to find about it.  That just would suck.”  

I scoffed at that, “Aaron, trust me, nobody reads my stuff, I don’t even have an audience.”  Well apparently, someone did read what I wrote and they bought the waterfalls that I grew up frequenting.  The new owners emailed me to let me know that the falls were now private property. 

I recently got an email through my website from someone that went to Three Falls and found rows of barbed wire fence and multiple No Trespassing signs.  So it seems this special spot is now someone else’s special spot.  Luckily, there are other special spots around that area that I haven’t written about, so feel free to message me privately if you’re ever going into this area and looking for some unique spots worth checking out that are still open to the public.

On the one hand, locals were ruining the area—beer cans and broken glass in the bushes, someone painted a big mural against the natural rock backdrop that said, “Summer 2015,” but it’s pretty sad to see it go away to the public. Still trying to decide if it’s better to keep a place public and let crowds ruin it or keep it private, but not let anyone see it. What are your thoughts?

8 Ways to Become Rich and Famous That Are So Stupid, They Might Actually Work

1. Sleep with one of Snoop Dogg’s Cousins

Kim Kardashian made a sex tape with Snoop Dogg’s first cousin—boom—famous.  She didn’t even have to sleep with Snoop himself, just the cousin of Snoop and boom, famous now.  You probably wouldn’t even have to sleep with them either, you could just do some sort of creative collaboration with one of them...(Or you could just sleep with them.)

8 Ways to Become Rich and Famous that are So Stupid, They Might Actually Work

2. Get Married to Warren Buffett

Have you been buttering your own toast like a sucker?  Marry Warren Buffet, you can hire people for that.  Tired of chewing your own food?  Wiping your own ass?  The sky’s the limit, plus, Warren Buffet was in a weird three way marriage for years, so he's likely open to expanding his love triangle into a “love cube.”  

8 ways to become rich and famous that are so stupid, they might actually work

3. Start Your Own Lottery

8 ways to become rich and famous that are so stupid, they might actually work

Let all the starry eyed suckers compete for the big prize money, while you siphon a small “management fee” for your troubles.  Just don’t forget to do like the official lottery does and donate a small percentage of your management fee to children’s charities—after all, the lottery is for the children.  


8 Ways to Become Rich and Famous that Are So Stupid, They Might Actually Work

God looks favorably upon he who giveth of their paycheck unto the church.  Churches are tax exempt and the south has been begging for more religion in this country.  Make America great again (but do it in the south though).  


8 Ways to Become Rich and Famous that Are So Stupid, They Might Actually Work

It's not your fault the white house steps were
-poorly lit
-had a faulty hand railing
-were coated in cooking grease 

$$$  Take your pick, then cash in    $$$  



6. Invent a Potion that Makes You Fly, Then Sell that Potion

Trust me, if you invent a human flight potion, people will buy it.  You’d be an overnight millionaire for sure.  





7. Sell Dick Enlargement Pills

Same sales strategy as the human flight potion, except it doesn’t even have to work for people to buy it!




8. Purchase the Rights to Before You Die Guy

A guaranteed success!  Love all the great content we’re producing- the sporadic posting schedule, the low budget lighting and effects—this could all be yours!  Send us a blank check and sit back, whilst the money rolls in!  

This could all be yours!

This could all be yours!

6 Shooting Ranges in the U.S. That Will Make You Both Proud and Terrified to be an American.

In the U.S. we have just over 1,000 community colleges, about 2,500 four year universities and well over 15,000 indoor shooting ranges (not counting outdoor ranges).  Even California, home of the hippy, has over 200 ranges to choose from.  With that many ranges out there, we sought out to build a short list of some of the most extreme ranges in the country, so without further ado...

6 Shooting Ranges in the U.S. That Will Make You Both Proud and Terrified to be an American.

Colonial Shooting Academy in Richmond Virginia

First off, watch this :30 clip.  

Ok, and now I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight, my heart is beating out of my chest.  Colonial Shooting Academy has the largest indoor shooting range in the country (60,000 square feet).  It’s a state of the art shooting facility for all skill levels.  It’s no wonder it was named Range of the Year AND World's Greatest Gun Range by the National Shooting Sports Foundation.  

The Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point Kentucky

The Knob Creek Gun Range in Kentucky easily makes this list.  It was originally a munitions test site for the military and is now open to the public.  Their biggest claim to fame is they host the largest machine gun shoot and military gun show in the world.  The highlight of the gun shoot—check this out, they fill barrels of of fuel and charge them with pyrotechnic charges and let people shoot them  to blow ‘em up.  If you’re thinking about hopping in on this fun, sign up now because the waiting list is a couple years long to actual get a shooting lane!  

Sand & Sage Rifle and Pistol Club

6 shooting ranges in the U.S. that will make you both Proud and Terrified to be an American

Are you tired of your 2nd amendment rights being limited to normal business hours?  Well tire no more, at the Sand & Sage Rifle and Pistol Club, you can fire off rounds 24/7.  Finally a gun range that understands that American gun rights never sleep!  For a modest 75 bucks a year, you’ll get full access, plus invites to various shooting events like cowboy action shoots and timed speed and accuracy shoots. 



Outback Park and Public Shooting Range in McPherson, Kansas

6 shooting ranges in the U.S. that will make you both Proud and Terrified to be an American

Are you itching to shoot a gatling gun, a tommy gun and a grenade launcher all at an exploding target?  We thought you might.  That’s why we included the Outback Park and Public Shooting Range in McPherson, Kansas on this list.  It’s diverse range of super powerful and in most places, super illegal weaponry, make this range a ludicrous interpretation of the American right to bare arms.  Only in Kansas and only in Amirrrica!  

The Athena Gun Club in Houston, Texas

This place has a realistic shooter simulator where they simulate high stress decision making situations and give you a gun to help you make your decisions.  It’s not a real gun and it is a simulation, but, well, check out the video and see for yourself.
They’re also five-star rated from the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and they have a huge assortment of guns to shoot in their indoor range, but who cares.  It’s the simulator that has us drooling, with realistic scenarios like burglar break ins, hostage shoot outs, even western standoffs.  So in short, yes, please, immediately we want to do this.  

TNT Guns and Range in Murray, UT
Finally there is something in Utah besides the Great Salt Lake- it’s the nations first indoor clay pigeon shooting range.  It’s state of the art electronic system lets you shoot clay pigeons indoors, with a freaking shotgun.  Now that might not seem so impressive, but shotguns send out a powerful spray of bb’s making it very dangerous and difficult to safely shoot indoors.  But they’ve figured a way, plus they’ve combined technology and guns to create a futuristic experience where you digitally program the clay pigeons and it electronically sends the targets flying for you to shoot.  Bonus: they also have a virtual simulator like the Athena Gun Club, but there’s is 300 degrees!  Wow-ee, so many gun options to check out!  

6 shooting ranges in the U.S. that will make you both Proud and Terrified to be an American

Tell us what you think?!  Does this make you want to go to the range or make you want to apply for a European passport?  Give us your thoughts!  Want to write, or edit, or intern?!  Let us know about that too! 

Four bucket list items that only the mega rich can afford

Four bucket list items that only the mega rich can afford

Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy adventures, trips to space, world travel and....

How I (legally) swam with wild manatees

At the time I’m writing this, it is prime “swimming with manatee” season– between November and March, so I thought I’d write an entry about my trip to Florida, where we actually swam with wild manatees.  And no need to alert the authorities, there’s actually one last place in the country that it’s legal to swim with them and we went there: Crystal River, Florida.  

How I Explored Colombia’s Jungle Ruins for under $1,000 (flight included)

Ever heard of the Lost City Trek in Colombia?  It’s an intense 4 day, 30 mile hike to visit these ancient ruins that were only discovered about 40 years ago.  Experts say about 40% of the ruins are still lost to the jungle, with treasures still buried in them.  Sounds freaking awesome right?  Well we just did it.  If you wanna watch about it, scroll down.