Four bucket list items that only the mega rich can afford

Activities available for the wealthy are just as plentiful as the cash flow within their bank accounts. For those ultra rich who have driven the fastest cars, eaten at the finest restaurants, and traveled across the globe, we know, luxury gets dull, but not to worry, Before You Die Guy is here to help!

Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can definitely buy you some adventure. Trade in your typical afternoon shopping the new arrivals at Gucci for the ultimate adrenaline rush. Here are a few options that are bound to appeal to anyone with a swollen bank account. 

Got an extra $2,000 to spare? Take to the skies for a simulated aerial dog fight in Las Vegas!

Vegas is always a good time, but when you've tired of gambling at the high rollers table, it's time for something only money can buy--laser tag in the sky, with you in the pilot's seat! That's right, with their proprietary laser tag set up, the pilot gives you the controls and you engage in a simulated dog fight in the sky.  No experience is required, just 2,000 big ones and they'll put you in the sky with a capable pilot.  Don't believe us?  Check out their promo video:

Head to Tonga or Puerto Plata for a swim with some humpback whales.

Whales Before You Die bucket list

Are you also starting to find the company of humans a bit dull? Go swimming with humpback whales.  Now for the modest traveler, you can head off to Tonga and swim with humpbacks for about $300 per person (plus flight), but for those trying to free up space in their money bin, Silver Bank, off the coast of Dominican Republic, offers trips out to swim with these majestic creatures for a mere $5,000.  From January through the end of April, up to 5,000 humpback whales gather to calve, court and mate.  On the Silver Bank, even experienced whale watchers are often surprised by the sheer number of whales and the variety of humpback whale behaviors on display, just don't forget that checkbook!

Explore the world in one single voyage for $35,000 - $50,000.

world cruise before you die

Here's a fast way to blow some dough!  Cross many travel milestones off your to-do list in one go.  On a single itinerary, you'll cruise for 180 days, reaching destinations across the globe.  Be warned though, it's not a young person's game--most of the people riding these world cruises have taken a long time to accrue their wealth, so if you're a young hot shot, you will likely be the youngest hot shot aboard.  But don't let the fanny packs and white sunblocked noses throw you off.  This is an amazing way to see the world, even if you are the only one aboard not walker bound. 

Book a ticket to outer space.

space travel before you die guy

If all these options seem a bit grounded for you, thank goodness space tourism is now a thing, but this is strictly reserved for the mega wealthy.  With space travel coming in at a price tag of $28,000,000 (plus gratuity) this bucket list item separates the big daddies from the wannabes.  Russia is the only place currently offering commercial space travel and they don't expect the full $28 million up front.  They just need a small deposit of $250,000 to hold your spot. 

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