Three Falls Is Closed

One of the first entries I put up on my blog was an entry called Waterfalls, Cliff Jumping, and Natural Waterslides, about a really special set of waterfalls called 3 falls. It has two waterfalls you can jump off of, a rope swing, and a thirty foot natural water slide.  When I first started writing here, I wanted to give the best of what I had to give and this was one of the most special places I grew up with as a kid, so I shared it. My brother told me, “Ryan please don’t share that place with people.  It’s a really cool place and I just don’t want the whole world to find about it.  That just would suck.”  

I scoffed at that, “Aaron, trust me, nobody reads my stuff, I don’t even have an audience.”  Well apparently, someone did read what I wrote and they bought the waterfalls that I grew up frequenting.  The new owners emailed me to let me know that the falls were now private property. 

I recently got an email through my website from someone that went to Three Falls and found rows of barbed wire fence and multiple No Trespassing signs.  So it seems this special spot is now someone else’s special spot.  Luckily, there are other special spots around that area that I haven’t written about, so feel free to message me privately if you’re ever going into this area and looking for some unique spots worth checking out that are still open to the public.

On the one hand, locals were ruining the area—beer cans and broken glass in the bushes, someone painted a big mural against the natural rock backdrop that said, “Summer 2015,” but it’s pretty sad to see it go away to the public. Still trying to decide if it’s better to keep a place public and let crowds ruin it or keep it private, but not let anyone see it. What are your thoughts?