Ride or Die-- The Ultimate Rush that Could Literally Kill You

The rodeo is the event that separates the men from the boys (and the animal rights activists from the Republicans).  And if you’re tired of standing by while tobacco spittin’, wrangler modeling, cowboys get tossed around, don’t fret, we found a few ways for you to get in the arena with a bull.  

Join a Bull Riding Clinic/Camp:

All you have to bring is a cowboy hat and your own chewing tobacco.  Start rounding out that back pocket of your wranglers because it’s time to hop on a bull.  See what you’re made of in any number of bull riding camps and clinics.  For around $100 per day, you can join one of these bull riding clinics: 

Bull Riding Before You Die Guy

Bull Rider Coach
Cody Custer Bull Riding Clinic
Sankey Rodeo Clinic
Let R Buck Bull Riding School
Leffew Bull Riding School
Monster Bull--Bull Riding School

Most are two to three days long and they’re usually taught by world champion bull riders.  No experience, no problem—they’ll coach you through all the techniques, they’ll rent you all the gear you need, plus most of the clinics guarantee that you’ll hop on a bull on your first day! 

Become a Rodeo Clown

Bull Riding Before You Die Guy

If you don’t need all the attention and glory of actually hopping on the bull, consider becoming a rodeo clown.  You probably won’t get as many cowgirl phone numbers, but arguably, the adrenaline payout can be even bigger.  Rodeo clowns are charged with the responsibility of distracting the bull away from the bull rider when he gets bucked off.  They play an important role and if you thought your parents were proud of you now, wait until they hear you’ve been accepted into rodeo clown school!  Yes, that’s a real thing and it’s no casual training either—in addition to apprenticeships, rodeo clown schools range from 6 months to 1 year of training.  Neglect your studies in clown school and it could cost you your spleen. 

Seriously?  Why do this?

The beauty of this sport—it doesn’t discriminate.  Whether you program computers in the basement or you’re CEO of a big company, that bull will do it’s best to rip you to shreds just the same.  As scary as that sounds, there’s something really refreshing about having personal responsibility.  Here’s what we mean--if you trip on a curb, it’s the city’s fault for making the ground uneven.  

Sew ‘em.  

If you dump hot coffee on your balls, it’s the restaurant’s fault for making the coffee too hot. 

Sew ‘em.  

Bull Riding Before You Die Guy

But if you sit on a furious 3,000 pound steer and get launched and gored, well, there’s hardly anyone to blame for that, but the person under the cowboy hat.  

If you try this or have tried it, please email, tag, share, tell us your story.  We want to hear all about it!  What are your thoughts?!