Before You Die Guy Goes Kayaking

A couple weeks ago, we went kayaking at Stillwater Cove, in Jenner, CA.  Truth be told, this was supposed to be a Go Spearfishing Before You Die episode, but when we got out there, I realized I didn’t bring my weight belt, so this video quickly became a Go Kayaking Before You Die episode!

We had a beautiful day out there though, which is rare-ish for the area.  This is a two

person,sit-on-top kayak that I bought used off Craigslist for $300, with paddles and seats. (Serious Craigslisters Here’s a link to set up email alerts so you don’t have to search Craigslist manually.)

Sit-on-top kayaks are basically impossible to flip over unless you really work at it, so they’re perfect for beginners.  The only problem is, you get wet on a sit-on-top kayak.  So I bought a really crappy, old, cheap wet suit for ten bucks (also on Craigslist).  I cut the sleeves off because the sleeves make your shoulders really tired and it makes it hard to paddle.  I got the life jackets for free from a boat at Bier 39 that was getting rid of them.  So for a grand total of $310, I am completely outfitted for kayaking.

optional/helpful extras:

  • dry bag- a sealable water tight bag.  (Walmart sells a decent sized drybag for $15)
  • sunblock
  • sunglasses

I took my buddy Alex Jimenez with me.   We paddled up the coast for about an hour and a half.  Without going over rapids and stuff, this kind of kayaking is very relaxing.  It wasn’t a big adventure necessarily–no one fell off the kayak, we didn’t get stranded, nobody had to call the coast guard–but it was a fun afternoon hanging out, chatting it up on the water.  

We stayed at the campground across the street- Stillwater Cove Campground (22455 CA-1, Jenner, CA 95450 (707) 847-3245).  So check out our Go Camping Before You Die Episode also!  

If you’ve never been kayaking before, it’s a really easy sport to get into.  I got into it through California Canoe and Kayak in Oakland, CA.  I played around a lot on their kayaks in the Oakland-Alameda estuary.  Most canoe and kayak places offer classes, kayaking clubs, and rentals, so what’s keeping you from going kayaking?  Already been?!  What was your adventure like?  If you could kayak for an hour and a half with anyone in the world, who would you choose?

Ok and without further ado, here is Go Kayaking…Before You Die!!!